Mobile Apps

Campus Collaboration

Education shapes a person and school, campus life is certainly an important part of life. Equally important is the project assignments or team works executed during that time. Practical working, assignments and projects are the educational collaborations that bring students closer to learn from each other more than the curriculum. It is evident that students form small groups to carry out small tasks. However, some tasks or assignments are critical to their career and it requires proper house-keeping and archiving of the same. Moreover, during the task execution, there should be an opportunity to collaborate and interact with their peers, so that a platform should be available for them to voice their views or showcase their goals, accomplishments and eventually have a proper time-line track of all their achievements. Thanks to the technology advancement on mobile, cloud and collaborative tools, it is now possible to have such a platform for students to leverage and collaborate even outside the classroom or campus time, beyond their level of peers, beyond their current group to reach out to alumni, so that they are focussed on their outcome and goals to prepare themselves in their career.

DAPP is the proprietary software service from Yobiware, which is aimed to address the above need of students to have a platform to ride on their project execution to collaborate, problem-solve and achieve as a team. DAPP provides a platform for students to upload their project assignments, so that instantly it gets flashed across the campus, saving their time to market or have efforts to bring visibility to their work. Projects can be mapped to a faculty, specialization area or to address a business/socio-economic need. Projects in Dapp in a nutshell explains the objective of the project work, project team members involved, area or specialization required for it, a forum for project-specific discussions, project volunteering or guidance or mentoring enrolment, team members and work ownership progress tracking, social media posting on their accomplishment.